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 Awards Vintage 2017

• Gold medal at the AWC Vienna 2022

• Sliver: Cathay Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition

• Bronze: Asian Food Paring 2022 - Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop RIce


Awards Vintage 2016
• Silver: AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge, Austria 2019
• Bronze: Japan Wine Challenge 2019


Awards Vintage 2015
• Gold: Mundus Vini Award, Germany 2018
• Silver: AWC VIENNA 2018, Austria 2018
• Bronze: Japan Wine Challenge 2018


Award Vintage 2013
• Gold: AWC VIENNA 2017, Austria 2017
• Silver: Japan Wine Challenge 2017
• 90 Points:, 2017


Awards Vintage 2011
• Gold: Mundus Vini 2015
• Silver : AWC 2015
• Bronze: IWSC 2015
• Silver: Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015;
Food Paring with Massaman

Monsoon Valley Wine Cuvee Rouge 2017

  • Varietal: Shiraz and Sangiovese

    Color: Garnet Red with orange hue

    Aroma: Complex nose of red cherry, classic plum and touch
    of leather with an integrated spicy oak.

    Palate: The wine showcases a restrained fruit concentration
    with light spice and savory oak nuances. Well structured fine
    tannins yet elegant acidity give this wine finesse and length.

    Ageing Potential: 10 years

    Winemaking: A meticulous grape selection is carried out in
    the vineyard to ensure the ultimate quality. Shiraz undergoes
    a conventional slow fermentation with skin for 10-14 days
    while Sangiovese is brought to Thermovinification.
    Released in the 4th year after harvest, the wine is aged
    for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels of various sizes.

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