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Why BulluBullu?

Voice from the wine. A message to express the moment.

Our company was established in year 2017. We are a group of passionate wine lovers and expertise. We believe wine can accompany with us at anytime and any moment. We source wine from different countries and regions to provide our selected wine to customers for daily drinking, wedding banquet and Celebration event. Apart from being an online wine shop, we would like to share our happiness together with wine knowledge through private and public Wine tasting event, not only tasting the wine, but also learn the wine from its history, viticulture and wine-making technics.  It indeed strengthen the relationship with our customer and help to gain the insight of the wine style trend.

Our vision is to put our customer in the journey of wine. To learn, enjoy every moment with wine.



Private Event Services

Through our various theme of wine tasting, we will walk though with you together, tasting and sharing each wine with our friends.

Suggested themes:

  • Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine

  • Introduction to grapes varieties

  • Discovery of wine production countries and regions

  • Wine & Food Pairing

  • Blind tasting challenge

Other Services

  • Wedding banquet wine ordering

  • Customized wine label & gift boxes

  • Wine consultancy service

Wine Corks
Red Wine Tasting
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