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The growing season was early this year. Flowering was fast and the vineyard has benefited from a warm climate from June. The risks of diseases were high; which required a higher control of the vineyard. From late June to September, the weather has been erratic with frequent showers and rather cool temperatures. What slowed down the maturation of the grapes. Indeed, veraison occurred only late August. Only an exceptionally beautiful autumn could save the vintage. And this is what happened ... The region has experienced the longest Indian summer of its history. Until the end of October, the weather was hot and dry. The harvest took place from September 26 to October 16, 2014. The grapes were very sane with a good tannic concentration, flavors and a beautiful balance. This vintage impresses with its fruitiness, balance and tannic finesse.

Chateau Haut Bages Liberal 2014

  • 【James Suckling 95 pts】

    產區/等級:Pauillac, Bordeaux, France, 5ème Grand Cru Classé in 1855

    葡萄品種: Cabernet Sauvignon (70%) and Merlot (30%)


  • The vintage has personality and relief. The nose is lively and complex. There are aromas of red and black fruits,  white truffles and grilled cocoa. On the palate, the tannins still need time to soften but its freshness, minerality and fruitiness make the vintage very pleasant to drink. As well as its roundness and smoothness.