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Winemaking and Tasting Notes

GranMonte Elements Natural Wines are made in qvevris, the famed Georgian earthenware, for love of experimentation and seeking old and new methods of winemaking. They are the very first and only natural wines made in Thailand. Hand-harvested grapes are fermented on skins using natural yeast from our vineyard. These natural wines are made with minimal intervention, sulphur dioxide-free and unfiltered. The name “Elements” evokes the natural terrains and climates that GranMonte has been blessed with.


Elements Natural Wine Syrah’s style of wine is often referred to as “qvevri wine”. This organically-grown Syrah is full-bodied and packed with lot of mouth-coating tannins. On the nose, this wine show characters of blackcurrant, blackpepper, clove, earth and leather. 2021 Elements Natural Wine Syrah can be enjoyed on its own and is a great complement to various cuisine. Also a collector’s item, with only 358 bottles produced.


  • Vineyard
    Variety: 100% Syrah
    Region: Khao Yai Wine Geographical Indication, Nakornratchasima, Thailand

    Sub-region: Asoke Valley
    Altitude: 350 m. above sea level
    Yearly Rainfall: 1,060 mm
    Soil: Well-drained red clay soil with weathered shale and limestone

    Skin contact: 2 months
    Alcoholic/malolactic fermentation: Natural, in Georgian qvevris

    Alcohol: 13%
    Total acidity: 4.36 g/L
    pH: 4.15
    Winemaker: Nikki Lohitnavy

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